More fun with MIDI controllers

Here it is again, the iMoov MIDI controller app from Tangible FX. Featuring a brief overview of how the effects have been combined to make the sound, and a bit of “back-stage” footage of how the software is running. Not that in-depth, but that is to come later.

Coming soon: awesome band demo no.2!

Some fun with MIDI controllers

A friend of mine over the way works for a company called “Tangible FX”, who have designed an iPhone app that works as a MIDI controller, using the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer as the controller. Here’s a rough video of me using it, hopefully there’ll be something far more polished in another couple of weeks!


New Year, New Band

So I’ve been working with Antoine Maas over the last few months on a startup project that we hope will become big news in music! Still unnamed, still un-finished, but already bearing very respectable fruit. We’ve finished the first “pre-demo” of “Barnabas Chris” after hours and hours of re-recording parts and adding overdubs, and five (FIVE!) iterations of the mastering process applied by yours truly we finally have something worth showing off. Still looking for a drummer and a singer in the Bristol area.


Happy New Year to all of you, of course.