Stripping and Stepping

I picked up a cheap power sander and jigsaw combo from the local charity mart a week ago, and made use of the fine weather this week to remove the paint from my old Squier strat. And by God let me tell you that paint did NOT want to come off!


After an hour and six sheets of paper.




Another hour and one super-coarse sheet later.






Done! Proper nasty job. Eventually I’m going to refinish and re-equip this guitar with some nice pickups, maybe a new neck and some trimmings.

This is a DSI Mopho.


The black box is a Sonuus G2M Analogue-MIDI converter; the MIDI data can be interpreted by the Mopho and so the beautiful analogue goodness contained within can be played with a guitar. This is very similar to what I’ve been doing with the G2M and VSTs on my laptop but since the Mopho is standalone I can use it more reliably live.


Sounds like this:




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